Our History

some steps that marked our story
  • 1946. The beginning: 

    Cavalier Giuseppe Asticher starts in a 3x6 square room.

  • 1947-1972. We entered the Public Transport buying a Balilla car;

    In 1955 a service station, a dealership, a driving school and a garage were built. In 1970 was founded Pulimeccanica: an industrial maintenance company and in 1972 was deposited the " industrial motor cleaner" patent

  • 1980-1991. Entry into the industrial carpentry;

    In 1983 were deposited morse patents, in 1989 production began with numerical control machines, in 1991 a joint venture with CNC machine manufacturer Mastroy (Bulgaria).

  • 1993-2004. Adoption of the ISO 9001 Quality System;

    In 1997 was realised the first metrology room, in 2002 new stores were built and the production areas expanded; in 2004 Asticher obtained ISO 9001 certification.

  • 2008-2013.  ASPRO Asticher Group startup;

    In 2008 was created the Aspro Union. From 2010 to 2011 the production layout is completely redefined, in 2012 is activated the third-party testing and in 2013 Asticher gets the qualification for the supply of "safety" details in the military sector.

  • Today. Extention of the commercial network on foreign markets

Mechanical constructions

mechanical components

Energy Sector

Energy sector, hydroelectric plants: turbines realization such as Pelton. Francis, Kaplan. Biomass cogeneration plants: realization of statoric and rotoric rings and turbine houses.

Oil & Gas

Fluid ends;
Stress joint;
Offshore. equipment.

Special Vehicles

Components for special vehicles

Revamping Service

Service operations on installations, or revamping of the same; Reverse engineering.

Iron and Steel

rings and spindles pilgrim mill
laminating housing and accessories;
mechanical gears;


Prototypes-avanserie / first article;
Industrial vehicles;
Special vehicles.



Creating prototypes through CAD CAM stations using cutting edge 3D software;
Avanserie / First article accomplishments.

External machining

Maintenance made on site;
Special transport service to be repaired at the headquarters and re-installation directly on site.
Team enabled for overhead works.

thir-party trial

2nd level controls
Anthropomorphic arm for testing without moving the details
Topographic optical scanners
Scans with laser tracker machines.


Service or revamping operations on installations. Reverse Engineering.

Asticher Group

Asticher srl is the holding company of a group of companies called AsPro operating in the field of medium-heavy mechanical machining
Carpentry, turning, boring, milling, assembling, final testing. The production range goes from the single prototype to the average series. The winning choice of the Group have been the specialization and the quality,in a period that saw the shift abroad of mechanical machining of low technological profile: investing in technology, experimenting with new materials, customer attention, quick and timely services and competitive pricing.


This synergy union allowed Asticher S.r.l. and the whole group to expand and gain prestige in the domestic and international market.


Asticher s.r.l. is certified according to the ISO 9001-2015 e IATF16949-2016 quality standard and it guarantees high quality standard. Our highly specialized staff manages laboratory tests on site. The company has second- level qualified operators. Asticher s.r.l. also has advanced equipment such as 3D measuring machine, 3D calculation antrophomorfic arm for third party. Our company is able to do topometric optical scanners on site without moving the details out of the plant.



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